About Us

Healthy Essentials Clinic (HEC) is a BC Association Community Health Centre. To learn more about the governance and criteria for community health centres see link here: https://bcachc.org/

HEC is a Social Enterprise founded by Christina Camilleri. It has been her long term dream to provide a Family Centred Holistic Outpatient facility that comes alongside existing healthcare services and aims to meet the gaps in outpatient treatment . Our goal is to offer timely access for mild to moderate mental health and healthcare services to prevent chronic disease.

What is a Social Enterprise?

A Social Enterprise is an organization or program that is mission driven, offering goods and/or services, while also helping to achieve positive cultural, social, or environmental results. The HEC model reflects organizational values, meets community needs, focuses on healthcare outcomes and works to provide funding for those in need. 

HEC goes back to the grass roots of what a hospital, in the traditional sense, is—a place of hospitality and restoration. It is a place where the wounded, hurt, broken and injured find healing. It is a community of people, helping people.

HEC Advisory Committee

Barb Andreen: Parent Representative 
Fraser Campbell: HEC Business Consultant
Christina Camilleri: HEC Founder & Director
Shell Christensen: Community Representative 
Dr. Michael Ertel: Physician Advisor
Gail Plecash: Retired Physician Representative
Larry Widmer: Community Futures Central Okanagan