Now offering Lake Country’s ONLY group Reformer Pilates classes!

What is Pilates?

Pilates is an exercise methodology created by Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s, who originally called it ‘Contrology’, which in itself describes the method well. It places a significant focus on moving with complete control through the entirety of each exercise, and targets the deepest layers of your abdominal muscles through intentional breathing, proper alignment, and specific positioning in nearly every move. Pilates equipment, such as the Reformer, is incredibly effective and safe for all levels of experience, ages, and abilities, due to the low-impact, resistance-style support offered by various springs within the equipment.

Is Pilates right for me?

The answer is: everybody can benefit from Pilates! Whether Pilates is your main form of exercise, a complement to your other favourite forms of fitness or athletics, or as a means for post-rehabilitation to help heal from injury, pain and so much more – there are endless ways that Pilates can meet you exactly where you are, and offer you the results you’re seeking.

What are the benefits of Pilates?

Some of the many benefits of Pilates include: strengthening your core and stabilizer muscles, overall body strengthening, increasing your mobility and flexibility, improving your posture and balance, decreasing pain and stiffness, feeling mentally grounded and centered, enhancing your body awareness, and so much more.

What types of Pilates classes are offered at HEC, and when?

Singular Bookings (further information listed below)

  • Privates
  • Semi-Privates (2 participants)
  • Drop-In Reformer Pilates Group Classes

Reformer Pilates Group Classes (further information listed below)

  • Intimate class size of 3 – 4 participants
  • 6 week series of weekly Group Classes, by registration
  • Three levels available: Level 1: beginner, Level 1.5 – Level 2: intermediate, Level 2.5: advanced
  • Please see further descriptions listed below to determine which Level is appropriate for you
  • Contact us to let us know which Class Level / time slot(s) you are interested in based on our schedule below, and we will respond with current availability
  • Detailed information of our Group Policies is available; please email pilates@healthyessentialsclinic.com with any further questions

Our current Reformer Pilates Group Class weekly schedule is as follows (subject to change):

How do I book?

Reformer Pilates Group Class – 6 week series, or singular Drop-in bookings

Please contact us or email pilates@healthyessentialsclinic.com to inquire about our current availability.

Private or Semi-Private – singular bookings

Please view our availability in real time for Private and Semi-Private sessions through our Jane App here.  Once you have chosen a desired time, please contact us to request your booking.  Confirmation will be sent via Jane email.

Pilates Pricing

Singular BookingsReformer Pilates Group Classes
Privates: $756 Week Series: $162 ($27/class; 1 class/week)
Semi-privates (2): $40 per person Singular Drop-in bookings: $30


  • All sessions are 50-55 minutes in length
  • No tax is applicable
  • Grip socks are strongly recommended for the highest level of hygiene and safety, but are not required

Reformer Pilates Group Classes – how do I know what Level I’m at?

For everyone’s safety and best experience possible, please read the following in detail. If you have any questions further to this, please contact us, and we will be happy to speak with you directly to ensure you are placed in the most appropriate Class Level. 

Level 1: Beginner

This class will provide you with the foundations required to advance to further Levels.  While it is a Beginner class, you can be assured you will have a great workout and be challenged appropriately.  

This is for you if:

  • you have never done Reformer Pilates before (regardless of whether you have had experience in mat Pilates)
  • you are pregnant (beyond 12 weeks) or newly post-partum (approx up to 3 months; please discuss with Instructor)
  • you are newly post-rehabilitation, have chronic pain, or an ongoing mild to moderate injury that requires a high degree of management
  • you have difficulty with, or are unable to kneel
  • you have difficulty with balance

What you can expect:

  • to feel completely welcome and accepted regardless of your experience or fitness level
  • to learn the principles of Pilates in a moderate pace, allowing for enough time in each exercise to find the proper alignment and muscle activations
  • to be offered many options for appropriate modifications, regressions and progressions
  • to leave feeling great in your body and proud of your efforts!

Level 1.5 – Level 2: Intermediate

This class builds upon the foundations built in Level 1, and offers gradual challenges through different exercises, a quicker flowing pace, an introduction to the more technical aspect of Pilates, and an overall greater level of difficulty.  

This is for you if:

  • you have experience with Reformer Pilates
  • you know how to do spring changes and lift/lower the footbar
  • you are able to kneel and are confident with your balance in various positions such as a high kneel or low lunge on the Reformer
  • you are competent in single leg work
  • you may have an ongoing mild injury, but you are familiar with ways to modify (Instructor can also offer modifications as needed), and it requires a lesser degree of management

What you can expect:

  • new, creative and challenging variations for many different exercises
  • a quicker flowing pace, with still enough time to ensure proper alignment and muscle activations as a primary focus in all moves
  • the greatest level of options for regressions and progressions out of any Level
  • to leave feeling like you had a great, strenuous workout!

Level 2.5: Advanced

This class offers the most technical and advanced exercises, the quickest flowing pace, and the highest level of difficulty.

This is for you if:

  • you have a long-standing, dedicated Reformer Pilates practice and enough experience to competently execute highly advanced and technical exercises
  • you are familiar with the terminology and know how to do all spring and equipment changes
  • you are comfortable with a flowing, fast pace
  • you are capable of performing all positions noted in the Level 2 description; you are also confident in standing or planking on the Reformer
  • you may have an ongoing mild injury, but you are familiar with ways to modify (Instructor can also offer modifications as needed), and it requires a lesser degree of management

What you can expect:

  • to be offered the highest level of challenge through heavier springs, more repetitions, and more advanced exercises
  • to flow at a quicker pace than the other classes, with little to no down-time between moves unless required
  • to refine your technical expertise
  • to leave feeling fully accomplished in your practice and having broken a sweat!

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