Mood Disorders

The stigma around mental health will sometimes prevent individuals and families from seeking help when they need it. Healthy Essentials Clinic, in collaboration with the Dakota Foundation, wants you to know that recovery from mental illness is possible. Together we are lowering the barrier for individuals and families to receive timely access to treatment at the earliest stages of their loved ones mental health diagnosis. 

Most mood disorders, like bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, etc, are misunderstood. Often Individuals and families feel alone, fearful, and struggle to find the treatment path that works for them. Healthy Essentials Clinic utilizes a family centered approach to treatment because we believe that educating and empowering families will encourage those struggling to seek help and remain committed to their well being.  

Families at the Centre: presents extensive research on how “family-based interventions are highly effective in preventing mental illness and psychological symptoms” (p.10) The HEC treatment model is committed to empowering individuals and families to have a primary role in decision making around their health and care. 

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