Individual Counselling

Take time for you. Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression, self-esteem, body image, relationship struggles, concussion symptoms, substance use and any other situations that complicate your life, Healthy Essentials Clinic is here for you. We can  provide you with the tools so you can move forward with confidence. 

Brene Brown – Shame & Vulnerability
Family Counselling

Evidence illustrates that when people with mental health and substance use receive support from family and friends their ability for success increases. Healthy Essentials Clinic firmly believes that supporting the client and family provides the foundation to better health outcomes.

Group Counselling

You’re not alone. Individuals who share similar issues can come together for support during their recovery process. Group counselling is facilitated by experienced counselors and will focus on the following topics: anxiety, depression, trauma, men’s health, parenting, and substance use. Contact us today to register and find out more about our group counselling sessions.

EMDR Therapy

Do you struggle to cope with post-traumatic stress symptoms, disturbing memories, anxiety or panic attacks, persistent grief, addictions or phobias? HEC now offers EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) an adaptive information processing therapy that can help reduce the negative emotional charge associated with past traumatic memories. 

During this treatment, your EMDR clinician will help you organize your negative and positive thoughts, emotions and sensations connected to a specific memory while simultaneously providing bilateral stimulation, such as rapid eye movements or tapping, to help you effectively work through those disturbing memories and sensations and to update them to a healthier present perspective with less emotional disturbance.  It is important to note, in order to begin EMDR therapy, clients must be able to demonstrate healthy coping skills that allow them to regulate their emotions and self soothe.  If you would like to be considered for EMDR therapy.