HEC 2021 Pilot Day Treatment Program

This year, Healthy Essentials Clinic (HEC) launched a Pilot Day Treatment Program for Youth and Young Adults living with disordered eating in the Okanagan. 
The group programs were developed to augment attendees individual and family treatment process and help participants increase their confidence and resilience while battling disordered eating. Day Treatment Programs were sponsored by the Okanagan Learning Foundation and HEC Inc. The HEC Team provided education and support to increase attendees’ understanding of nutrition as fuel for the body, boundary setting skills, navigating diet culture, fostering self-compassion and improved body image, and much more. We had high hopes to positively impact attendees’ self-confidence and optimism for their health journey. When surveyed before and after the program, 100% of attendees felt more confident in their health journey. Specifically stating that the HEC Day Treatment Program made the biggest impact on their health journey thus far. 

Participant Comments shared with permission

What is something you would tell somebody considering attending this group in the future?

“It is truly life-changing. Having the feeling of support and that you’re not alone is what made me love the program.”

“Do it!”

“Definitely join! You will learn so much and having conversations with others who are struggling is really helpful. It’s encouraging to know you’re not alone.”

A message to the sponsors/ The HEC team

“Thank you SO MUCH for working so hard and putting this group together! I have learned new things at every session and am so grateful to have met the other [people] in group. I look forward to it each week and am going be sad when group is over.”

“I really really appreciate the work that goes into the group. I have found it really beneficial and I look forward to it every week. It’s really helpful to be around people who understand what it is like, without needing to give explanations.

“It is so comforting seeing others who are struggling with ED too, it can feel so isolating talking to friends and family, knowing they don’t get it. I love hearing their stories and listening to their struggles as I often relate to them, and hearing things that have worked for them is helpful. Driving to the beach and hanging out was my favourite group, it was a lot of conversation and it’s where I felt like I got to know the [people] better.”
We at HEC are honoured to be part of the attendees’ and their families’ healthcare journey.  We look forward to building on the strengths of our Day Treatment programs and reaching more of our community in need.

—The HEC Team